Our Company Values

Our actions as a Company, and as individuals, are informed by 5 values:

  • 1It’s all about
    the experience

    We are passionate about what we do and approach it with a ‘can do’ attitude, which means visitors come first.

  • 2TMACC

    Because we care, we take responsibilty for everything we do, most importantly putting safety first and being environmentally responsible.

  • 3Together
    we succeed

    We value differences and recognise that each member of this Company has a contribution to make, as we discuss, decide and do.

  • 4That’s

    We believe in what we do and in doing the right thing. This makes us accountable in all we do.

  • 5Realise

    In creating growth opportunities for all, we’re open to sharing knowledge and skills through a mind-set that says ‘we can’.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Co (Pty) Ltd


A Ray (Chairman)*#•
W Parker (Managing)
R Fenner*
C Gooden*
B Moore*#

*Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
• Member of the Social and Ethics Committee

A Pillay#
F H Stroebel*#•
M N Skade•
T Adams (Alternate)
P de Waal (Alternate)
D Parker (Alternate)

# Member of the Audit and Risk Committee

Registered Office

Lower Cable Station
Tafelberg Road
Cape Town

Lower Cable Station
PO BOX 730
Cape Town


Moore Stephens Chartered Accountants


First National Bank Southern Africa Limited

Company registration number


Board Committees

* Audit and Risk Committee Constituted in terms of Section 94 of the Companies Act and comprises at least three members who are independent non-executive Directors elected by the shareholders at the Company’s annual general meeting.

# Remuneration and Nomination Committee Constituted in accordance with the recommendations of King III and comprises not less than three non-executive Directors of whom the majority must be independent.

• Social and Ethics Committee Constituted in terms of Section 72(4), read with Regulation 43(5), of the Companies Act and comprises no less than three directors, one of which must be a non-executive Director.

Management Team

Our Management Team leads our Cableway team in providing visitors with an awe-inspiring experience.

Our management champions are:


Wahida Parker

Managing Director

Wahida has been with the Company for just over a year. Her day-to-day responsibilities include managing the attraction for the benefit of shareholders, visitors and staff and ensuring that we operate in a safe and environmentally considerate manner.

Tasneem Rajie

Human Resources Manager

Ten years ago Tasneem became our Human Resources Manager. She is responsible for the entire delivery of all Human Resources related functions, which include payroll, Human Resources compliance, recruitment and people development.

Gaziem du Toit

Technical Manager

Gaziem has been with the Company for two and a half years. His key responsibilities include technical management, compliance with the Swiss Governing Body for Cableways (BAV) cableway standards and infrastructure maintenance.

Collette van Aswegen

Marketing Manager

Collette has held the Marketing Manager position since 2006. Her key responsibilities include marketing, brand and customer relationship management. She is currently completing a Post Graduate diploma in Futures Studies.

Selma Hercules

Finance Manager

Selma joined the Company six years ago as Junior Manager in our Finance Department. She was promoted to Finance Manager in 2016 and has completed her MBA through the Company’s Bursary programme.

Mike Williams

Operations Manager

One of the Cableway’s stalwarts, Mike started at the Company as the Technical Manager in 1990. These days he oversees operations, customer service, security, health and safety, and environmental management at our busy attraction. Mike completed an MBA in 2009.

Eugene Labuschagne

Food and Beverage Manager

Over the past seven years, Eugene has been Food and Beverage Manager at the Cableway. His chief responsibilities include ensuring all Food and Beverage Outlets are operational and provide the best possible visitor experience.

Rianda Williams

Retail Manager

Rianda has been with the Company for 21 years and started out managing the Retail Department. Since then, the Ticket Office and Information Technology divisions have been added to her portfolio.

Team Highlights

The Management Team listed the following as outstanding, and memorable moments at the Cableway:

  • 01

    The major upgrade in 1997 that saw the installation of all new electrical cable car equipment

  • 02

    The excitement of being part of the Cableway during the 2010 FIFA World Cup

  • 03

    The camaraderie, excitement and overall prestige that was inspired in the lead up to and the announcement of Table Mountain being named as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature

From our Managing Director

This report marks our eighty-seventh year of operation, another year which has passed smoothly and without incident. It also heralded Table Mountain’s fifth year as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

2016/17 - A record breaking year!

During the 2016/17 financial year we achieved record breaking visitor numbers in 9 out of the 12 months, marking the first ever achievement of this nature. The remarkable weather patterns resulted in us being operational 80% of the time, as opposed to the previous year where the operational hours were closer to 70%. The many accolades that Cape Town achieved over the past year as a premium tourist destination further contributed to our success in achieving these exceptional results.

Our commitment to Responsible Tourism:

Even though we are in a celebratory mood, we are acutely aware of the fact that we can only prosper if our long term actions are aligned to the three pillars of responsible tourism: economic, environmental and social responsibility. Our continuous commitment to responsible tourism has resulted in more than 95% of our retail goods being sourced from local suppliers. Our Carbon Neutral and Heritage statuses have been retained. We are mindful of Cape Town’s water crisis. Last year we recorded an increase in water usage per visitor. Our water saving efforts this year have resulted in a 9% reduction in water usage per visitor. 16,884 learners have participated in our Class in the Clouds Programme, and our staff have been empowered through the learning opportunities on offer.

Stakeholder engagement:

Our focus has been on stakeholder engagement - starting at home with our staff and extending our reach to our strategic partners and our local communities. This year we concentrated our efforts on our staff by supporting their development through our Bursary and Learnership Programmes, as well as providing much needed guidance through our Financial Confidence Workshops.

We are proud of our affiliations with the Attractions Africa conference, the Cape Town Big 7 marketing collaborative, SATSA and Cape Town Tourism. These platforms offer us an opportunity to set benchmarks, engage with likeminded entities and re-inforce the city as a premium destination for local and international visitors. We are committed to ensuring that we are able to attract locals with our visionary objectives in securing the best deals for locals only.

Improving the visitor experience:

We are constantly looking at ways in which to improve the visitor experience. During the past year the Lower Station Exit Shop was given a makeover to improve visitor flow, whilst the Café’s layout was also changed to accommodate the many patrons who frequent this establishment.

Team effort:

2016/17 has been a truly remarkable year that filled us with a renewed sense of commitment and appreciation for everything that has been achieved. We are conscious of the role and contribution made by each and every staff member.

I wish to take this opportunity to recognise the contribution made by management and staff in achieving our unprecedented results. I am proud to lead such a remarkable team, and commit to continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.

We look forward to continued growth in 2017!

Wahida Parker
Managing Director

Highlights 2016/2017

Highlights grid infographic

Visitor Milestones

It took 28 years for TMACC to welcome its first 1 million visitors in 1957…This year TMACC welcomed a record number of visitors: 1 million visitors, within 11 months!

The Cableway welcomed its 26-millionth visitor, Elbe Mattheus and her partner from Cradock on 18 January 2017.

Specials & Promotions
Our promotions provide locals with up to 50% discount

Cableway online

It has been a successful year of growth for the Cableway’s website and social media platforms:



up by



from 694,566 in 2015/2016 to789,921 in 2016/2017



up by



from 33,827 on 1 July 2016 to 36,137 on 30 June 2017



up by



from 44,335 on 1 July 2016 to 121,457 on 30 June 2017



up by



from 7,208 on 1 July 2016 to 11,762 on 30 June 2017

The Cableway’s social media team focused on producing tactical and viral-sharing-worthy videos this past year.
These included:


Milk Tart Day

National Milk Tart Day was celebrated on 27 February 2017.


Piano Day

The Cableway, in partnership with Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos, celebrated World Piano Day on 29 March 2017 with an all-day concert of South Africa’s top pianists.

Responsible Cableway

A pioneer of responsible tourism in Cape Town, the Cableway is proud to operate within a World Heritage Site and a National Park.

We take our role as a custodian of Table Mountain very seriously and are fully committed to balancing our high volumes of visitors (1 000 000) with the need to protect the unique environment in which we work.

Being environmentally conscious has extended to other areas of our operations. Our responsible tourism initiatives also include those focused on social and economic responsibility.


Our Carbon Neutral Journey

Our emissions for 2016/2017 have been offset by investing in the

Kuyasa is a low-carbon housing development in one of the poorest and most vulnerable corners of Khayelitsha in the Western Cape.

The project has installed solar water heaters, ceilings and compact fluorescent energy efficient lightbulbs (CFLs) in 2,100 houses, resulting in monetary savings, improved indoor air quality, and reduced greenhouse gases.

We’ve recorded the following CO2 emissions over the past year (in tonnes):




Refrigerant gases

Fridges and air conditioners


All other indirect emissions

Air travel and 3rd party transportation


Fuel consumption

Diesel in generators and company owned vehicles, gas in kitchens



223 tonnes of 388 tonnes of waste produced is recycled



The Cableway has retained its Diamond Heritage environmental rating in recognition of five years of continuous commitment to environmental performance of the highest standard.

Conscious Cableway

The Cableway supports local communities and suppliers. We aim to grow and develop the relationship with suppliers to produce successful, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships

We are proud of the fact that more than 95% of our retail goods are sourced from local suppliers.

Some of the suppliers with which the Cableway has worked over the past year include Dr Doo and Naughty Monster:

Supportive Cableway

Each year, the Cableway issues tickets to non-profit organisations, the underprivileged and school learners giving them the opportunity to experience our attraction, through our Corporate Social Responsibility and Class in the Clouds programmes.

In addition to these, the Cableway has recognised the need for the sustainable upliftment of disabled persons by providing a Learnership for youth with disabilities.

Corporate Social

106 organisations (NPO’s, NGO’s and community organisation) participated in our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme

Senior citizens from Ocean View were treated to a day out at Table Mountain
by Volunteer Mzansi AFRIKA
The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation of South Africa hosted learners
on Table Mountain

Class in the

The Class in the Clouds programme runs weekdays, from 1 March to 31 October each year, providing learners with amazing views, fun activities, interesting walks and the most fascinating facts about Table Mountain, a wonder of nature.

In 2016, 16,884 learners participated in the Class in the Clouds programme.

To date, 297,542 learners have participated in the Class in the Clouds programme.

TMACC Learnership
for Youth with Disability

The Cableway has recognised the need for sustainable upliftment of persons with a disability, through implementation of a General Education and Training Certificate (GETC) Domestic Services Learnership -NQF Level 1.

We have partnered with the Performance Management Institute and the I Can Academy who are fully committed in providing a quality based skills development intervention.

The learners have commenced their learnership 26 June 2017 and their learning journey will continue until 25 June 2018. Below are our two unemployed learners enrolled in this programme:

Beneficaries of TMACC’S Corporate Social Responsibilities and Learnership Programmes

Siphelele Valashiya
Darnell Atkins
Kids Can
Reach for a Dream
The Muscular Dystrophy Foundation
Senior citizens from Ocean View

Caring Cableway

TMACC’s Academy of Learning

Siyafundisa is the Cableway’s Academy of Learning, which resonates with our Company’s commitment to assist employees reach their full potential by providing opportunities to develop skills.

In 2016 the Cableway awarded 16 bursaries to team members. These team members include:

  • 01

    Riedewaan Floris
    Mechanical Engineering

  • 02

    Flippie Pieterse
    Electrical Training

  • 03

    Marvin Smith
    Tourist Guiding Course

  • 04

    Rhafiek Smith
    Electrical Engineering

  • 05

    Rudy van Dieman
    Electrical Engineering

  • 06

    Nuru Jardien
    Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Science

  • 07

    Lindsay Bester
    BA Accounting

  • 08

    Candice Steyn
    BCom Financial Accounting

  • 09

    Anthea Ferreira
    Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Science

  • 10

    Joy Miller
    Higher Certificate in Banking

  • 11

    Tasneem Samuels
    Diploma in Food and Preparation Cooking

  • 12

    Olga Vokwana
    Computer Course

  • 13

    Nuhraan Davids
    Supply Chain Management

  • 14

    Ismail Dollie
    Server 2016 Course

  • 15

    Tania Geldenhuys
    Mediator Course

  • 16

    Kurt Kinnear
    Higher Certificate in Economic and Management Science


In 2016, the Cableway ran a Supervisory NQF3 learnership programme.

The following team members completed this programme:

  • 01

    Shaun Bentham
    Food and Beverage

  • 02

    Lincoln Hantam

  • 03

    Nuhraan Davids

Our Carbon Neutral Journey

initiatives included the following:

Staff wellness was a big focus of the Cableway’s management team this year.

Ensuring our staff are physically and financially healthy was a top priority this year too and we hosted the following events for them:

Nuts and Bolts

Every year we transport approximately 1 000 000 visitors to the top of Table Mountain. Transporting such a great number of people is not without its challenges. Regular maintenance ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all.


As part of our continued commitment to staff development, upskilling is key. An Electrical Single Phase course is currently being completed by Flippie Pieterse, and an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration course is being completed by Adriaan Hattingh and Johdrick Monzinger.


We installed a supervisory monitoring system at the Lower Station for the Top station sewerage-pumping network. This allows our Technical team to monitor the sewerage levels and pumps and avoid any possible spillages.


During our 2016 shutdown, our Technical team worked wonders with slack rope measuring tests, replacing the generator and maintaining the power lines.


The Technical team assisted in having 90 square meters of pathway paved at the Top Station, the upgrading the toilets at the Lower Station, expanding the Exit Shop and repositioning the turnstiles and ramp at the Café.

Our Proud Achievements